Henrikh Mkhitaryan: Simply the best

Komsomolskaya Pravda in Ukraine has published Yuriy Rozanov’s article about Armenian midfielder Henrikh Mkhitaryan. The full text of the article is provided below:

“For me it has long been clear that the best player in the Ukrainian championship this season is Henrikh Mkhitaryan. And it does not even have to do with (or to some extent) in scored goals, record… I understand that many, when assessing Henrikh’s game this year, will still ‘rhyme’ his surname with the number of goals that he will eventually bang in.

I see it differently. Indeed, goals are important. There is no way around them. But more importantly, Mkhitaryan is also his ‘ job versus Pirlo’ in Turin. And the first one who must make himself available in an inside position in accordance with a ‘Donetsk’s favourite manner of orchestrating attacks: racing down the flank wing – and a little backward, certainly a low pass, and a player has already arrived there – just simple finish. For me he is the main responsible player for the team speed. In short, a man with many more functions. That’s why I call him the best without hesitation. In the season. Because overall, I consider Fernandinho the best. He is more of a leader if you want. I quite honestly think so. And I note with pleasure that even the recognition of ‘not absolute leader’ does not diminish, but rather increases Mkhitaryan’s merits. “Can you imagine what a player he would be if in all main matches he would lead the team?!” As Srna, for example. This is what concerns “a room for improvement and a lot of work.” And the direction is known. And there is time. And he is capable of working. Nowadays  the fact that a person lives at the base can be seen as ‘no place to live?’ only by misanthropes. Agree? It’s not even funny. A normal person thinks that it shows again the desire and willingness to work.

So as not to sing the praises for Henrikh, I agree that not in all main matches, he shows his best. In Dortmund, for example… Well, this is not a verdict. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. In our case, a run.

And the interest in him from the West is enormous. There are many clubs flashing on the Internet, who are interested in him. And ‘stop-sums’, which Shakhtar allegedly state. As the temptation not to use to use Willian’s recent transfer to Anji as the stage setting. Although Willian may be brighter, I think as a supporting structure for the Donetsk side Mkhitaryan is important. And more importantly, a player of such a type (and several game tasks at once, a couple of positions, if you will) should be (at least in my opinion) in a bigger demand in the top leagues. I am not ready to compare the Russian championship with European top leagues. But that’s the thing, the number of clubs who are interested in Mkhitaryan is bigger, I suppose. This, however, is not a single examination with a single answer ‘who is better.’ But conversation about the functions.

I think, however, that it is better for Mkhitaryan to polish his ‘while imperfect’ here. Not least because in the Armenian national team he is not as prolific as in the club. So, there is no guarantee that he will bang in a plethora of goals for, say, Liverpool. Or, not yet.

However, the subject of the piece is not about giving Henrikh advices on ‘how to live.’ He is an adult. He will understand himself. It is just the goalscoring record is just around the corner, be it important or not important. But either way, newsworthy. And I tried to think about it. The issue with his goals is obviously important but he has much more in him. For me, it is even more important. For someone, it may be different. Normal thing. So it should be.”

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