Adam Schiff: New Genocide bill to be submitted to the House of Representatives soon

Lilit Sedrakyan
Los Angeles

Rep. Adam Schiff recently attended an event in Los Angeles commemorating the 98th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. He informed that a new Armenian Genocide bill will soon be submitted to the UN House of Representatives. The Congressman hopes the US will recognize the Armenian Genocide before its 100th anniversary.

“Last week I wrote to the President to once again urge him to recognize the Armenian Genocide. I also spoke with Secretary of State Kerry urging him to help make the case for recognition. He was a strong voice for recognition in the Senate. I hope he will be a strong voice as Secretary of State,” Adam Sciff said.

He said the fact of Genocide is undeniable, and the United States has not recognized it up until now only because of constant Turkish pressures and threats. “That’s simply unacceptable. This country has the leadership it needs to speak out against human rights abuses, mass atrocity and genocide,” he added.

As for the Armenian Genocide, the Congressman said there is no historic debate about it and voiced hope that the Administration willdo the right thing. “There is a bipartisan group in the Congress, ready to fight until it wins the fight however long it takes. But I feel a real sense of urgency to recognize the genocide now, while there are survivors still with us.”

The Congressmen are now working on a new draft resolution, which is going to be introduced very soon. “We are determined to continue pressing this in the Congress and the Administration, until the United States joins the body of nations that have already recognized the Armenian Genocide,” Mr. Schiff said.

“I hope we’ll move very quickly to recognize the genocide, as we’re coming up on a 100th anniversary, but I’d like to see recognition now, today, this week. We’re gong to fight until we succeed,” he concluded.

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