SBS gives Armenian radio program another hour

The Armenian National Committee of Australia (ANC Australia) reports that the Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) has reinstated an additional hour of Armenian language radio broadcasting after an extensive campaign by the community.

In 2012, SBS announced that the Armenian language program would be cut from three hours to one hour and be assigned to a new 5pm timeslot. Having raised serious concerns amongst the Armenian-Australian community, ANC Australia began an e-petition campaign calling on SBS to reassess its decision.

Vache Kahramanian, Executive Director of ANC Australia, and His Grace Bishop Haigazon Najarian met with SBS management, and SBS agreed to alocate an additional one hour for the Armenian language program. The additional hour, which will be a replay of the program aired at 5pm will air at 8pm on Tuesday evenings.

Kahramanian said: “This is a victory for the Armenian-Australian community.”

“With an additional hour, Armenians have won another opportunity to listen to this fantastic program, and the fact that it is at 8pm means people will be able to listen to the Armenian program at a more convenient hour during prime-time.”

“We thank SBS for taking this principled stance and not only listening but acting on our community’s concerns.”

The new digital program will commence on 29 April and will broadcast on SBS Radio 3. It can also be listened to online, through a mobile device or through the SBS digital TV channel.

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