Former Ambassador John Evans to address Fresno event commemorating Armenian Genocide

The 98th anniversary of the Armenian genocide will be remembered this week in Fresno with a series of events, including a visit by a former U.S. ambassador to Armenia who spoke out about the genocide.

John Evans will be the keynote speaker for Tuesday’s memorial commemorating the 98th anniversary of the Armenian genocide at the Pilgrim Armenian Congressional Church, the Fresno Bee informs.

Evans, a career foreign service officer, was recalled from his ambassador’s posting in Armenia before the end of his planned three-year assignment. He retired from the foreign service 18 months after his genocide remarks.

“The fact that the subject was treated as taboo meant that it could not even be discussed,” he said. “That had to change, even if it cost me my job.”

Evans continues to speak out about the genocide and calls for everyone to face the hard issues of history and be understanding. “I believe the failure of the world to deal with the issue has continuing deleterious consequences,” he said.

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