Norcross Art Gallery to feature work from Armenian artist

The Norcross art gallery is hosting an opening reception Saturday on the “Hues of Venice,” an exhibit featuring impressionistic oil paintings from internationally acclaimed artist Armand M.

Vargas & Harbin Studio Gallery, in association with Zebu Gallery, is debuting a new exhibit this Saturday called “Hues of Venice.”

The new collection in Norcross will consist of impressionistic oil paintings from 81-year-old artist Armand M, Norcross Patch informs.

Armand M, who is from Armenia and has internationally acclaimed work, uses a technique of oil painting that joins methods of antiquity combined with modern impressionism, creating a unique blend of past and present rarely seen in art today.

“This show will present his renditions of walls in Venice and the unique Venetian landscape,” according to a news release from Vargas & Harbin.

H. Armen Moumjian, known as Armand M in the art world, began expressing his talent on canvas as a child prodigy at the age of 4. The recognition of his ability by his mother, an eminent musician, and his art professor uncle, led to an appointment to the world-famous Ecole Des Beaux-Arts of Paris.

Moumjian earned high honors in fine art and was admitted to the prestigious Ecole Superieure Des Arts Moderne, where he earned a Masters in fine art, architecture and design.

His knowledge of six languages, combined with design training, enabled him to create structures of beauty throughout the Middle East and Europe. He arrived in the U.S. in 1976, became a citizen and has since devoted himself full-time to oil painting.

“Hues of Venice” will be displayed at Vargas & Harbin through April 27.

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