Municipal elections in Yerevan will be competitive, political scientist says

Karen Ghazaryan

The campaign for the Yerevan City Council elections officially kicked off Sunday. All major political forces are running in the elections. Political scientist Yervand Bozoyan says the elections are going to be competitive, and the opposition and alternative forces have all chances to cooperate to minimize the election frauds.

According to the political scientist, the main intrigue is the fact that all participating forces have equal chances at this point.

Bozoyan said the developments following the presidential vote will continue into the municipal elections. In this regard the Heritage will improve its positions, but will naturally receive less votes than at the presidential elections, where Raffi Hovhannisyan collected all votes of the opposition forces.

The political scientist said Serzh Sargsyan and Raffi Hovhannisyan will hardly reach an agreement, as they diverge in their views, and Hovhannisyan’s demands are too exaggerated and unrealistic.

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