Andranik Mihranyan: Russia is Armenia’s only strategic partner

Anna Nazaryan

“It would be incorrect to say that Russia is Armenia’s only ally in the region, but Russia is the only strategic partner of Armenia,” Director of the New York based Institute for Democracy and Cooperation, political scientist Andranik Mihranyan told reporters today. According to him, Armenia is trying to cooperate with both Russia and the United States, not contradict the two.

Asked which direction Armenia will chose – the Customs Union or the European direction – Andranik Mihranyan said “Armenia should conduct a flexible policy” and voiced hope that the country will find a formula to maintain close ties with the European Union and not spoil the relations with Russia.

As for the Karabakh conflict, the political scientist said its settlement is possible only when the superpowers reach an agreement.

Speaking about the Armenian-Turkish relations, Andranik Mihranyan reminded that he was one member of the reconciliation committee and contacts between Armenians and Turks seemed ridiculous at the time. “However, today’s situation shows that the picture has changed,” he said.

Touching upon the recent presidential elections in Armenia, the political scientist said ‘it was the first presidential election to receive a positive assessment by all countries.”

Andranik Mihranyan said he respects Raffi Hovhannisyan, but added that he’s a public figure rather than a politician.

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