The Azeri trace in Syria events

Alisa Gevorgyan

It was first spoken about the participation of Azerbaijani rebels in the Syrian events about a year ago. A few days ago a number of Azeri news agencies reported about the death of 30 Azerbaijani rebels in Syria.

Expert in Arab studies Sargis Grigoryan connects the existence of Azerbaijani rebels in Syria with the crisis in the domestic life of Azerbaijan. He does not rule out that this could be an action deliberately planned by the state of Azerbaijan.

When speaking about the participation of Azerbaijanis in the Syrian conflict, one should not ignore the Turkish factor, since most Azeri rebels cross the border to Syria from the Turkish side.

According to the expert, it’s the geographical position that prevents Azerbaijan from getting more actively involved in Syria event.  However, he does not rule out that the level of Baku’s participation to rise after the recent trilateral meeting in Georgia.

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