Khosrov Forest State Reserve awarded with a European Diploma of Protected Areas

The Khosrov Forest State Reserve received a European Diploma of Protected Areas from the Council of Europe, the Armenian Ministry of Nature Protection informs.

The Khosrov Forest State Reserve was nominated for the diploma at the meeting of the Group of Specialists on the European Diploma of Protected Areas as part of the 32nd sitting of the Standing Committee to the Bern Convention held in Strasbourg in February 2012.

The Committee adopted the national report on Khosrov Forest and sent independent experts to Armenia in April 2012 to assess the state of the State Reserve and prepare a report.

The European Diploma of Protected Areas is a prestigious international award granted since 1965 by the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe to natural and semi-natural areas and landscapes of exceptional European importance for the preservation of biological, geological and landscape diversity and managed in an exemplary way.

The Diploma is awarded to protected areas because of their outstanding scientific, cultural or aesthetic qualities, but they must also be the subject of a suitable conservation scheme.

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