Billboards honoring Armenian Genocide victims to be displayed in the US

During the month of April 2013, Peace of Art, Inc., will be displaying the Armenian Genocide commemorative billboards to honor the victims of the Armenian Genocide, calling for recognition and condemnation of the genocide.  Peace of Art, Inc. is a nonprofit educational organization that uses the universal language of art to address human concerns and to promote peaceful solutions to conflict.  This year the billboards will be located in Foxboro, Watertown, and Cambridge.

Artist Daniel Varoujan Hejinian, president and founder of Peace of Art Inc., said that “with these billboards we are honoring the memory of the victims of the Armenian Genocide, calling upon the international community to recognize the Armenian Genocide, and to condemn the perpetrators.  He added, “98 years have passed but the bloody hand prints of the horrible events of 1915 stained the pages of the world history, when 1.5 million Armenians lost their lives.”

The 2013 billboard depicts the bloody hand prints on the words ‘Armenian Genocide’ over a black background.  Since 1996, Mr. Hejinian has been calling for the recognition of the Armenian Genocide.  In 2004 Peace of Art, Inc. began to sponsor the commemorative billboards honoring the victims and calling for the recognition of the Armenian Genocide.  This year’s message further calls for the condemnation of genocide.

The Armenian Genocide is not a matter of concern for Armenians alone but to everyone.  Genocide is a crime against humanity.  Without recognition and condemnation, the Armenian Genocide remains a wound that continues to bleed, under the hand prints of the culprit.

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