Music in Chinari kindergarten used to silence the sound of shots

Hasmik Dilanyan

People in frontline villages in Tavush marz are alert 12 months a year and 24 hours a day. They are aware that the insidious bullet of the rival can distort their everyday tranquility any moment.

People in the village of Chinari say the shelling gets more active as the agricultural works start. The head of community Samvel Saghoyan says the firing gets more intensive at night.

The kindergarten in Chinari is just 600 meters away from the rival’s military positions.

“We turn on music to deviate the childrens’ attention from the sound of shots,” said Mrs. Sonya, who works as a cook at the kindergarten.

“Children are also aware they must hide in a safe place, when shooting starts,” Director of the kindergarten Parandzem Aghasyan said.

Most children in the village grow up with the consciousness to become soldiers to protect the Motherland and their homes.

Despite the difficulties, people in Chinari continue to live and work, to struggle for their homeland and for the sake of peace.

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