Traian Hristea: Significant progress registered in negotiations on EU-Armenia Association Agreement

Anna Nazaryan

“Armenia has registered considerable progress in the implementation of reforms targeted at European integration,” Head of the EU Delegation to Armenia Traian Hristea told reporters today, presenting the EU Progress report on Armenia.

The report notes that “the May 2012 Parliamentary election and February 2013 Presidential election was generally transparent and there was a serious effort to address issues related to human rights and fundamental freedoms, but further work needs to be done, especially in the implementation and enforcement of legislation.”

As for the Karabakh conflict, the report urges to intensify efforts to solve the issue.

“The Progress Report on Armenia notes that there was intensified EU-Armenia political dialogue in 2012. Significant progress was registered in negotiations of an EU-Armenia Association Agreement, including a Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area,” Traian Hristea said.

The EU will continue to support Armenia on the path of implementation of reforms, the Ambassador assured.

The report urges to step up efforts with Azerbaijan to reach agreement on the Madrid Principles, in accordance with the commitments made by the Presidents of Armenia and Azerbaijan within the Minsk Group.

In the report the EU urges Armenia to work towards the earliest possible closure of the Medzamor nuclear power plant and adopt a detailed decommissioning plan for this plant, taking into account the result of the 2012 stress tests report.

Traian Hristea said after the nuclear power plant is closed the EU will discuss alternative solutions with the Armenian authorities and will be ready to consider all perspectives in that direction.

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