Azerbaijan jealous as Armenia and Turkey are commencing Yerevan-Van flights

Azerbaijan accuses Turkey of supporting Armenia. “Azerbaijan has stated on many occasions that we approach sensitively to any contact with Armenia and Nagorno Karabakh, particularly when these contacts are made by friendly countries,” Ali Hasanov, Head of the Department on Social Political Issues of the Azerbaijani Presidential Administration, said, commenting on the commencing of Yerevan-Van flights, APA reports.

According to him, official Baku views such contact as support and strengthening to Armenia.

“We are twice as jealous when it is done by countries we share strategic interests with.  It is not only our opinion, but also that of the Turkish society,” he said.

Ali Hasanov noted that recently when the issue on opening of borders between Turkey and Armenia was raised, it did not find support among the Turkish society, the political parties and the Turkish government. “We assess the opening of Yerevan-Van flight as a certain level of support to Armenia,” he said.

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