Karine Nalchajyan: Existence of military psychologists in the army necessary

Alisa Gevorgyan

Is it necessary to implement the institute of officer-psychologists in the armed forces? According to psychologist Karine Nalchajyan, the civilized world has long stopped disputing the issue. International experience shows that the existence of military psychologists in the army is simply necessary.

Almost all state and private higher educational establishments in our country have Departments of Psychology, but only the Pedagogical University after Khachatur Abovyan prepares military psychologists, and the graduates are mostly female. Karine Nalchajyan says, however, she has never seen any female psychologist working in the army.

“The Armenian society is not yet ready to see women in the armed forces. Greater attention should be paid to the involvement of male psychologist with relevant education,” she said.

There are officer psychologists in some military units, who are graduates of the Vazgen Sargsyan Military Institute, Karine Nalchajyan said, adding that the state should pay greater attention to the issue and allocate financial means for the development of that institute.

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