All eyes on the chimney of Sistine Chapel as cardinals convene for the second day of voting

All eyes will be peeled on the chimney of the Sistine Chapel on Wednesday, as the Roman Catholic cardinals tasked with electing the next pope convene for a second day of the conclave.

The 115 voting eligible church leaders file into the chapel chamber, renowned for its ceiling fresco painted by Renaissance master Michelangelo.

They will have four opportunities to vote, twice early in the day and twice later. A two-thirds majority is required to confirm a new pontiff.

White smoke could rise about one hour after the first vote, which would signal that the Church has a new pope.

If the first vote does not produce a new pontiff, no smoke will appear from the roof of the Sistine Chapel. The cardinals will then vote again.

If a pope has been elected, the cardinals burn the ballots immediately. If not, the cardinals hold on to them and proceed to a second round of voting. They burn the ballots from both rounds together after the second round.

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