Armenia 80th in the index of retirement security of its citizens

Armenia ranks 80th worldwide in the retirement security of its citizens, according to a new annual index compiled by Natixis Global Asset Management (NGAM).

Russia ranks 70th, Georgia is 89th, Turkey is 59th, Azerbaijan is 93rd, Iran is 86th. Norway tops the ranking followed by Switzerland and Luxembourg. The top ten includes also  Sweden, Austria, Finland,  Netherlands, Denmar, Germany and France.

The Natixis Global Retirement Index gauges how well retired citizens live in 150 nations, based on measures of health, material well-being, finances and other factors.

CoreData Research, a London-based financial research firm, captured data from a variety of
sources, calculated a mean score in each category and combined the category scores for a
final overall ranking of 150 nations. The categories, and the subjects they comprise, are:

–  Health: Per-capita health spending, life expectancy, the availability of physicians and
hospital beds per 1,000 citizens, and the level of noninsured health spending. (Sources:
World Bank’s Development Indicators, 2012; World Health Organization)

– Material well-being: Per-capita income, income inequality and unemployment. (Source:
World Bank)

– Finances: Old-age dependency (the ratio of retirees to workers), inflation, interest rates,
taxation level and bank nonperforming loans. (Sources: World Bank, United Nations)

– Quality of life: The level of happiness and satisfaction of citizens, as well as the quality of
the climate and environment. (Sources: Gallup World Poll 2012; Environmental Performance Index 2012).

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