Armenian Ambassador addresses letter to UN Secretary General

Armenia’s Permanent Representative to the UN, Ambassador Karen Nazaryan has addressed a letter to UN Secretary General ban Ki-moon connected with the Azerbaijani propaganda on Khojaly events. The letter notes, in part, that “Azerbaijan manipulates the Khojaly events to strengthen its anti-Armenian propaganda both inside the UN and outside its framework.”

Referring to the posters in New York City reading “Khojaly genocide: Human tragedy in Azerbaijan: Help Azerbaijanis and Armenians reach peace,” the Ambassador notes that “this terrible initiative financed by Azerbaijan bear xenophobia and hatred and endanger the aspiration of nations to reach lasting peace based on truth and justice.”

“Azerbaijan constantly distorts the Khojaly events of 1992, which, according to different international organizations and the Azerbaijani leadership, including then President Ayaz Mutalibov, were organized by the opposition “Popular Front” movement.”

Ambassador Nazaryan added that “by taking such steps Azerbaijan is trying to conceal its crimes, escape from the responsibility of militarizing the Nagorno Karabakh issue.”

“If Baku really wants to help Armenians and Azerbaijanis to reach peace and settlement of the issue, it should direct efforts towards constructive participation in the negotiations within the framework of the OSCE Minsk Group,” Karen Nazaryan wrote.

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