Richard Giragosian: There are political ghosts and political corpses

Anna Nazaryan

The presidential elections of February 18 were the least competitive in the history of independent Armenia, Director of the Regional Studies Center Richard Giragosian told a press conference today. According to him, the society mistrusted both the authorities and the opposition.

Giragosian said the 36% of the votes Raffi Hovhannisyan received should be a lesson for the authorities. Analyzing Hovhannisyan’s activity, Giragosian said he’s becoming a mediator for change.

As for the post-election situation in the country, Richard Giragosyan said there are political ghosts and political corpses.

“Robert Kocharyan is the ghost, Prosperous Armenia Party is the political corpse,” he said.

He said Raffi Hovhannisyan’s meeting with the leader of Prosperous Armenia Party was a demonstration of despair, while the meeting with Serzh Sargsyan was certainly positive.

According to the analyst, both the authorities and the Heritage Party have a common enemy, which is the oligarchy.

Giragosian considers that the pressures on the authorities will continue, which he believes is a good opportunity for the authorities to build heritage.

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