Presidential elections on the agenda of the National Security Council sitting

The President of the Republic of Armenia, President of the RA National Security Council Serzh Sargsyan invited today a meeting of the National Security Council in the extended format which along with the members of the Council was attended by the members of the RA government and Heads of the adjunct bodies, the Mayor of Yerevan, Chairmen of the independent commissions established under the RA laws, Chairman of the Central Bank, Chairmen of the Control Board and the Court of Appeals, Heads of the regional administrations.

At the beginning of the meeting, the President of Armenia underscored that from the viewpoint of the organization of the works aimed at the further improvement of the election mechanisms, two achievements were registered in the course of the 2013 presidential elections: first, the mainly positive response of the international community and second, the animosity-free atmosphere of the elections. “At this point it is very important, essential that we do not relax, don’t stop but rather solidify the achievements through our daily work. The improvement of the election mechanisms doesn’t stop with the end of elections; on the contrary, currently we are obligated to recap all proposals and comments made by the international observers, have to study one by one all materials which appeared in the media and social networks and naturally, there is work to be done not only by the legislative and executive branches but the law enforcement bodies as well,” the President of Armenia underscored.

In the framework of the meeting agenda, the Head of the RA Presidential Administration Vigen Sarkissian reported on the results of the 2013 presidential elections in Armenia and assessments given by the international observers. Reports were made also on the information (claims) received by the relevant bodies in the course of the elections regarding violations and the ongoing process of their examination.

At the end of the meeting, the President gave a number of instructions. In particular, the Head of the Presidential Administration Vigen Sarkissian was tasked after the publication of the OSCE/ODHIR final report to re-start the works of the working group on the improvement of the Electoral Code and procedures, and if required to engage in the group representatives of the political forces and civil society.

The RA Police and Prosecutor’s Office were instructed to continue the examination of the received claims related to the election process in the framework of the proper legal procedures.

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