Aid from Armenians of Turkey to be delivered to Syria by Red Crescent

Relief collected by the Armenian community in Turkey including food and clothing will be delivered to the Armenians in Syria via the Turkish Red Crescent, Anadolu Agency reports.

President of Turkish Red Crescent Ahmet Lutfi Akar stated to AA that Acting Armenian Patriarch Aram Atesyan requested an appointment where he stated that the Syrians living in Turkey were also struggling to live under difficult conditions.

Stating that Armenia provided some financial support, but it was insufficient, Akar said that Atesyan requested their help and said, “We have the authority to go to the border of a country and help the citizens of that country. Government officials and NGOs aren’t permitted to do this. We can deliver help at the border before the observers from Red Cross and Red Crescent. I said that I’d be pleased to deliver the relief material to the Syrian Armenian Group.

Stating that the Armenians mainly resided in Aleppo and Damascus, Akar said, “We will deliver the relief materials collected by the Armenian community to the representatives of the churches in Aleppo. We provide help to the ones in need regardless of their religion.”

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