Turkey Human Rights Groups to Aliyev: End Lynching Campaign!

Four Turkish human rights and anti-racism groups – Helsinki Citizens Association,  Say Stop to Racism and Nationalism Initiative, Human Rights Association turkey and Association for Facing History – sent a letter to the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev urging him ”to urgently put an end to the lynching campaign against Ekrem Eylisli for his positive portrayal of Armenians, the Armenian Weekly reports.

The letter in full in presented below:

“Dear Mr. President,

We, the defenders of human rights in Turkey and supporters of fight against racism, nationalism, and hatred, are appalled by and deeply concerned with the aggressive campaign and threats of violence against the writer Ekrem Eylisli in your country. The only crime committed by your fellow citizen Ekrem Eylisli, whose security is your responsibility, is to have defended in his recent novel the solidarity of peoples.

As the Human Rights Watch has declared in its global press release, Eylisli has been targeted with an increasingly aggressive campaign of enmity and defamation, further endorsed by official spokespersons and the media, only because he has written a novel in which he has chosen not to represent Armenians as an object of hatred. Since January 31st, the said transgressions have included protests in front of his house, insults and threats, and book-burning.

Notorious for her racist views, member of Azerbaijani parliament Melahat İbrahimkızı has accused Eylisli of offending not only Azerbaijan but the entire Turkish nation, thus sending a message to Turkey and provoking the same campaign of hatred against Armenians in Turkey.

Eylisli’s family too has been subjected to retribution: His son Necep Naibov, employed by the Ministry of Customs, and his wife Galina Alexandrova, a library director, have been dismissed without just cause.

The lynching campaign has reached its peak with the pro-government Moderna Musavat Party leaders putting a reward of ten thousand Manat on Ekrem Eylisli’s ears.

And you, Mr. President, in your capacity as the higher most leader of the state of Azerbaijan, have endorsed and even encouraged threats against Eylisli’s life by signing the presidential decree on Eylisli’s divestiture of the title “Writer of the People” and on the termination of his entitlement to  pension.

We are the defenders of human rights and opponents of racism, discrimination, and hate in a country where, throughout its history, writers have fallen prey to unsolved cases of murder, or left to rot in prison. Ours is a country where those who express diverse views remain under constant threat. We know well how the racist, nationalist, and discriminatory state politics have driven the masses to the streets and turned individuals into murderers, even of their own neighbors.  We have lost many in such attacks, but we also bear witness to the fact that the people will not be silenced by oppression.

At the same time, we have seen firsthand how your state and the rulers of the Republic of Turkey have joined endeavors in inciting enmity among their peoples against Armenians. The hateful slogans against Armenians in the “Hocalı Protest” in Taksim Square, Istanbul, are still ringing in our ears; the banners bearing the words “You are all Armenians, you are all bastards” are still before our eyes. As a result of our opposition, those carrying these banners have been charged and indicted. For us, the defenders of rights and opponents of racial hatred in Turkey, opposing enmity against Armenians and diverse ethnic and religious identities is a foremost duty.

As the proponents and defenders of peace, democracy, and justice, of solidarity of the peoples and equal coexistence, we invite you, Mr. President, to use your office and enlist all your subordinates to urgently put an end to the lynching campaign against Ekrem Eylisli.

Leaders who have incited peoples to transgressions of racist hatred, who have condoned such transgressions or turned a blind eye to them, have come to be known in history as a disgrace, whereas the memory of those who strive for peace will forever live to honor humanity.

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