Hayastan All-Armenian Fund makes major new contributions to Syrian-Armenian relief

The Hayastan All-Armenian Fund continues to help lead the pan-Armenian effort to assist the Syrian-Armenian community with funds raised through Telethon 2012.

Recently the fund provided US $100,000 (raised through the Radiothon of Lebanon), and 50,000 euros (raised through the Pan-European Phoneathon) to pay the salaries of Armenian-school teachers in Aleppo. In the next three months the Fund will contribute an additional US $200,000 to various Syrian-Armenian-relief projects, through the Catholicosate of the Great House of Cilicia. The amount will be disbursed in two installments.

In the meantime, the fund continues to pay the annual tuitions of Syrian-Armenian students who currently attend various colleges and universities in Armenia. In recent months, the Fund has underwritten the education of 69 such students, providing close to 17.2 million drams and coordinating the project with Armenia’s Ministry of Diaspora and institutions of higher education. The Fund will allocate around 11 million drams in additional contributions to sustain the project .

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