Eastern Armenian and Western Armenian should develop proportionally

Alisa Gevorgyan

A scientific conference titled “Modern issues of language policy” took place in Yerevan today. The event organized jointly by the Armenian Ministry of Diaspora and the Institute of Linguistics after Hrachya Acharyan brought together prominent linguists from Armenia, Artsakh and Diaspora.

Overcoming all obstacles throughout the 1,600-year-long history, the Armenian language survived into today, but was torn into parts like the Armenian nation. On this path the Eastern Armenian found its shelter, while the Western Armenian was preserved only thanks to world-spread devotees.

However, linguists face a number of problems both in Armenia and Diaspora. These issues were in the spotlight of the conference held within the framework of the events dedicated to the Mother Language Day.

“Eastern Armenian and Western Armenian are the two invaluable treasures of our language, which should develop and flourish proportionally,” said Avik Isahakyan, Director of the Institute of Literature.

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