The elections were mostly calm, observers say

Anna Nazaryan

Unlike the previous presidential elections, the current vote was  mostly calm, there was no stir, no arguments, the atmosphere was not tense, head of the “Choice is yours” NGO Harutyun Hambartsumyan and head of the Armenian Helsinki Committee Avetik Ishkanyan told reporters today.

The “Choice is yours” NGO observed the elections in 1,400 precincts. The observers recorded passiveness of the voters in the morning, but say that the situation changed after midday.

Prosecutor of Shengavit administrative district Arthur Davtyan, member of the working group set up at the Prosecutor General’s Office to coordinate the reports on election frauds, said they received 88 reports on violations, 24 of which were not investigated because of the lack of facts.

Arthur Davtyan said one criminal case was launched throughout the electoral process connected with the assassination attempt on presidential candidate Paruyr Hayrikyan.

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