ICES Mission’s assessment of the election campaign generally positive

The Election Observation Mission of the International Expert Center for Electoral Systems (ICES) has given a generally positive review of the work conducted by the government bodies during the pre-election campaign.

The mission highlights the high level of professionalism demonstrated by the Central Electoral Commission. In particular, the CEC has verified the voter registration lists in order to confirm the personal data of Armenian citizens having the right to vote. The voter registration lists were published well in advance of the elections in order to duly inform the public. The work of the CEC during the pre-election campaign was characterized by its transparency and  accessibility to voters, the OCES said.

The Mission welcomes the commitment of the Armenian government to invite the maximum number of international observers to assess the level of organization and conduct of the presidential elections.

In spite of the physical attack on one of the presidential candidates, the mission notes that the pre-election campaign between the candidates was relatively calm.

The Mission also notes that the coverage of the electoral campaign by the Armenian mass media was broad and diversified. According to observers, there was relative equality in the total coverage of the election process, both in print and in electronic media.

The final evaluation and conclusions of the Mission on the democratic and transparent character of the presidential elections will be made only upon completion of the electoral process.

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