Serzh Sargsyan: Vote for me if I have worked well

Karen Ghazaryan

“Vote for me if I have worked well. If you think I have not worked well, vote for another candidate,” President Serzh Sargsyan told voters in the city of Vardenis.

Presenting the provisions of his platform, Serzh Sargsyan specially emphasized the social sphere.

He stressed that only through joint work it is possible to move towards secure Armenia. The candidate pledged to provide every citizen with an opportunity to live a decent life.

“International experts also say that we are developing, although not quickly,” Serzh Sargsyan noted, adding, however, that it’s not enough.

The election platform is not just propaganda, it’s a plan of action, the President said in Martuni, urging the voters to unite around his program, since everything starts from reciprocal trust.

In the city of Gavar presidential candidate Serzh Sargsyan lit a candle at St. Mary Church and participated in a wedding ceremony.

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