Silence: The Armenians and Everything Armenian in Georgia

“Silence: The Armenians and Everything Armenian in Georgia” documentary, produced by Research on Armenian Architecture Foundation, premiered in Yerevan.

The film presents the attitude of the Georgian state towards the national minorities in the country over the past 80 years. The Armenian and Azerbaijani communities are comparatively the largest among the ethnic minorities existing in Georgia.

Since 1920s, the Georgian authorities have been continually destroying the non-Georgian religious monuments located in the country. The monuments that have fallen prey to this policy particularly include over 300 Armenian Apostolic, Catholic and Orthodox churches as well as monasteries, cemeteries and mosques.

Since the years of Zviad Gamsakhurdia’s presidency, these acts have been accompanied by the policy of forcing the non-Georgian inhabitants of the country into repudiating their original family names and replacing them with Georgian ones.

The film is directed by Tiran Karapetyan, Aidin Davoudi is the author of the music. Now the film can be watched with English subtitles.

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