Mkhitaryan presents the glossy

On Sunday, 10 February, Henrikh Mkhitaryan will presents the January issue of Shakhtar magazine. The Armenian midfielder is the cover man of this glossy.

The meeting place is the club shop on the second level of Donetsk City mall. The autograph session for the fans will take place there as well.

Besides, one can take pictures with three Cups claimed by Shakhtar at winter training camps.

The first 50 fans attending the event will receive a copy of the official club magazine as a gift from Shakhar’s Armenian midfielder, Press Office of FC Shakhtar informs.

Central stage in the latest issue of Shakhtar magazine is taken by Henrikh Mkhitaryan.  The midfielder gave a big interview in which he touched on a lot of fascinating topics. Below is an extract from it.

– Do you feel that you are gaining credibility in the team, your significance is growing, you have the right to speak out?

– Now I don’t have the right to speak out, because there are players who have been at Shakhtar longer than me. We have captain and vice-captain, who are entitled to speak out. I can do my job on the field – that’s my right!

– How do you feel about that the fact that you have become popular among girls? Do many female fans see you as a potential husband and want to get acquainted with you?

– As of now, I haven’t met anyone, no one has approached me. (Laughing.) Actually, it’s nice to be the centre of girls’ attention.

– Nevertheless, you live at the base and you don’t leave it often…

– Why? Sometimes I go out. I just know what I train and play for. I am not saying that it is impossible to combine the two things. But now, since becoming an idol and beginning to score more, I do not want to forget about football and change the road. I have only one road, and I’m going to combine everything.

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