Hayrikyan may seek postponement of the presidential vote

Hasmik Dilanyan

Although presidential candidate Paruyr Hayrikyan’s health condition is satisfactory, he has experienced acute pain in his arm since last night, Karo Yeghnukyan, who is responsible for public relations at Hayrikyan’s campaign headquarters, told “Radiolur.” Even the painkillers do not help cease the pain.

Hayrikyan has not been able to use his right hand since the surgery. Doctors say the nerve had been damaged and was to recover in a week.

As for the decision not to apply to the Constitutional Court to postpone the vote for two weeks, Yeghnukyan said when making the statement, they were confident Hayrikyan would not have health problems.

Representative of Hayrikyan’s campaign headquarters said the law-enforcement bodies have worked well as regards the technical component of the investigation: they have interrogated the neighbors, have placed cameras, but they make no statements.

Yeghnukyan said they still have time to apply to the Constitutional Court, adding that he does not exclude the option.

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