Vardan Sedrakyan: Election campaign has turned into bargaining

Nvard Davtyan

“Paruyr Hayrikyan had concluded a deal with the authorities even before the assassination attempt,” presidential candidate Vardan Sedrakyan told reporters today.

“There was a situation, when the Constitution and the Electoral Code provided for concrete steps. But it was not done,” Vardan Sedrakyan said.

It looks strange to him that that Hayrikyan did not use his right to apply to the Constitutional Court, although he said there were insurmountable obstacles. “We reach at a logical conclusion that the election campaign has turned into market relations,” he said.

Vardan Sedrakyan found it hard to say who could have organized the assassination attempt, but added that Paruyr Hayrikyan follows the sociologist’s advice and uses all the benefits of it.

After the press conference Vardan Sedrakyan visited Adrias Ghukasyan, who continues the hunger strike.

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