Parliamentary factions assess Hayrikyan’s decision as reasonable

Lusine Vasilyan

Factions of the National Assembly assess Paruyr Hayrikyan’s decision not to postpone the elections as generally reasonable.

Head of the Heritage faction Ruben Hakobyan welcomes Paruyr Hayrikyan’s decision not to apply to the Constitutional Court to postpone the elections for two weeks. He urges the authorities to reveal the crime as soon as possible.

The issue of delay of the elections is of no importance to the Armenian Revolutionary Federation, as it had decider earlier not nominate a candidate.

Republican MP Samvel Nikoyan assesses Hayrikyan’s decision as reasonable. “I think he was guided by a sound and reasonable logic. Every citizen of the Republic of Armenia has had a chanced to ascertain that Paruyr Hayrikyan has used all campaign opportunities on these days. Therefore, his decision was logical.”

The Prosperous Armenia Party is inclined to think that the postponement of the election would set an unwanted precedent in the electoral process and would negatively affect the rating of the elections.

“The incident was a blow to the image of our state. The delay of the election would mean deepening of this trend,” PAP member Stepan Margaryan said.

Levon Zurabyan of the Armenian National Congress said “the public opinion will give the best assessment to this decision.”

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