Letter: Turkey should accept responsibility for Armenian Genocide

The Montreal Gazzette has published a letter by Paul Khatchadourian, in which the latter urges Turkey to recognize the Armenian Genocide. The letter in full is presented below.

“On the 80th anniversary of Hitler’s rise to power and the exhibition put on in Berlin for that occasion, Chancellor Angela Merkel warns about the dangers and consequences of a society’s apathy. She encourages people to have “regard and respect for one another” and to take responsibility for their actions.

In contrast to this courageous stance, I am reminded of the Armenian Genocide and the Turkish government’s continuous policy of denial for the atrocities committed in 1915 where 1.5 million Armenians were systematically rounded up, deported and killed by the government. It is hoped that Turkey and Turkish society will also have the courage to accept responsibility for their actions and do as Germans have, by putting on similar memorials and exhibitions marking the upcoming 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide.”

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