Ara Papyan: Tension in the region continues to rise

Anna Nazaryan

The situation in the region continues to aggravate, political scientist Ara Papyan told reporters today.

“The anti-Armenian sentiments in Turkey have aggravated ahead of the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, which is evidenced by the increased violence against Armenians. Clashes are inevitable before the forthcoming presidential elections in Iran. A dual power has been established in Georgia after the parliamentary elections. The expressions of intolerance in some regions of Azerbaijan are connected with ethnic issues, as they take place mostly in regions inhabited by Lezgins,” the political scientist said.

“Tensions rose in domestic politics in Armenia after the assassination attempt on the leader of the National elf-Determination Union Paruyr Hayrikyan,” the ex-Ambassador of Armenia to Canada Ara Papyan said.

The political scientist found it hard to say who could benefit from the incident. He added, however, he does not believe it was done by Russian special services. He’s more inclined to search for the gunman inside the country. He’s suspicious about the weapon and bullets used. “No serious organization would us this gun,” he said.

“There was no reaction from Russian in response to Hayrikyan’s accusation, which means that they give no importance to his statements,” Ara Papyan concluded.

Thus, the situation in the region is tense and further aggravates in  light of the Azerbaijani threats to shoot down civilian aircrafts in case of exploitation of the Stepanakert Airport. “I do not rule out that they may hit the planes,” he said.

“We had to end the war in time in order not to have an unsolved conflict today,” Ara Papyan concluded.

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