Which are the expectations of voters from presidential candidates?

Lilit Muradyan

Which policy issues would I prioritize, if I was elected President? The “Sotsiometer” research center asked the question to 1,650 adults on January 18 and 19 to find out the expectations of the voters from presidential candidates.

“Armenians have a peculiarity. When you ask which are the major problems the country and nation face, they write a long list, but when the same people are asked how they would solve the problems if you were the President, everything turns upside down,” head of the “Sotsiomenet” research center Aharon Adibekyan says.

According to him, in the first case people point to the creation of jobs, reduction of the unemployment rate, prevention of migration , improvement of the quality of education and medical services, while in the second case unemployment and creation of jobs drop to the bottom of the list, the raise of salaries and pensions climb to the first place.

Thus, according to the results of the survey, 45% said they would first of all create new jobs, 25% would raise the pensions, salaries and allowances. Eighteen percent would solve the issue of social payments, another 8% are interested in preventing migration, others are interested in improving the quality of education and medical services, maintenance of peace and fighting corruption.

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