Vardan Sedrakyan will create a new military-political alliance if elected

Nvard Davtyan

Presidential candidate Vardan Sedrakyan thinks of creating a new alliance and uniting Javakhk with Armenia.

Armenia, Russia, Iran and India: these are the countries that will form the new military-political alliance, if specialist of epic studies Vardan Sedragyan wins the presidential elections on February 18. The new alliance will restore the Moscow-Yerevan-Tehran-Dehli road.

The candidate considers that we must take the issue seriously, as after destroying Syria, the West will move to Iran, and then Armenia and will destroy our country with the help of our neighbors – Georgia and Azerbaijan.

Sedrakyan believes the program may later expand, thus creating a serious counterbalance to the West. Among the probable candidate countries to be involved in the project are Syria, Lebanon, Greece and China (with some reservations).

As for Javakhk, the candidate wants to unite it with Armenia in a peaceful way. If not, it can be done through force, he says.

Vadan Sedrakyan considers his program is realistic, but hard to realize.

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