Bordyuzha describes Azerbaijan’s threats to shoot down civilian planes as “bad joke”

Secretary General of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) Nikolay Bordyuzha does not take seriously the threats of Azerbaijan to shoot down civilian aircrafts flying to and from the Stepanakert Airport.

The CSTO Secretary General considers that the information was interpreted incorrectly or it was someone’s bad joke.

“I doubt that the leadership of any country could order to deliberately shoot down civilian planes, and I do not take the information seriously,” Nikolay Bordyuzha said at a joint press conference with the Secretary of the Armenian National Security Council Arthur Baghdasaryan.

Earlier, Azerbaijan’s cabinet issued document on the use of airspace, which allows the government of Azerbaijan to declare certain areas “banned zones and limited zones,” hence allowing the government to randomly shoot down aircraft it deems in violation of Azeri airspace.

Secretary of the Armenian National Security Council Arthur Baghdasaryan and CSTO Secretary General signed a memorandum on the establishment of the OSCE Academy in Armenia.

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