Heydar Aliyev’s statue removed from Mexico’s main avenue

The life-size bronze statue of Azerbaijan’s former President Heydar Aliyev has been removed from the main avenue of Mexico city, RIA Novosti reports. The statue has been relocated to another place somewhere in the suburbs.

The statue was erected over the summer, after the Azeri government invested a reported $10 million in renovation of the park and the statue. The giant statue had raised concerns with citizens and protests from activists who decried the city’s decision to house a statue of a known dictator along such figures as Abraham Lincoln and Mahatma Gandhi.

The Mayor of Mexico Miguel Angel Mancera said earlier that the relocation costs would be paid from the city budget. The city authorities said to the Azerbaijani side that urban development norms had been violated.

About 200 policemen were involved in the dismantling of the monument, the nearby streets were closed for traffic.

There is no official information on the new location of the monument. However, it could possibly be moved to the area, where Azerbaijan’s Culture Center is going be opened.

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