Paruyr Hayrikyan goes on a three-day hunger strike

Hasmik Dilanyan

Paruyr Hayrikyan goes on a three-day hunger strike. He will not sit next to Andrias Ghukasyan, as there is a lot to do.

During a meeting with reporters Hayrikyan spoke about two provisions of the election platform – human rights and democracy.

“Countries do not engage in war, when there is democracy. Never in history have two democratic states fought against each other,” Hayrikyan said.

He added that democracy is also the best means for economic progress and improvement of friendly relations.

Besides human rights and democracy, Hayrikyan’s platform pays special attention to the foreign policy and the national value system.

Leader of the National Self-Determination Union is confident that if the opposition unites around a singe candidate, there will be no run-off, no matter who that candidate is.

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