Vardan Sedrakyan confident he’ll collect 81% of the votes

Nvard Davtyan

Presidential candidate, specialist of epic studies Vardan Sedrakyan will not conduct an active campaign until February 1st. Vardan Sedrakyan is confident he will get 81% of the votes at the presidential elections.

Sedrakyan says the first three Presidents will work as his advisers. The decision of the first two not to run in the elections is a sign of consent, he said. The candidate is confident the third President will also agree.

Even as a student Vardan Sedrakyan had predicted he would be the fourth President of Armenia. The candidate’s platform is titled “Code of Justice.” It’s not a new document. Sedrakyan has chosen the laws of justice from the Armenian epic, the principles the heroes were guided by.

60 thousand copies of the “Code of Justice” have already been distributed among his supporters. Another 40 thousand copies re expected to be published.

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