Azerbaijan’s step is war crime

Aida Avetisyan

Azerbaijan’s cabinet on Friday issued document on the use of airspace, which allows the government of Azerbaijan to declare certain areas “banned zones and limited zones,” hence allowing the government to randomly shoot down aircraft it deems in violation of Azeri airspace.

Expert of Azerbaijani studies Sargis Asatryan describes this step of Azerbaijan as a ‘war crime.’ He’s surprised at the reaction of the international structures, which accept the situation as adequate.

Sargis Asatryan said the OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chairs’ behavior is strange, adding that “Azerbaijan spends huge sums to raise its standing in international structures and slam Armenia.”

The expert said Azerbaijan’s steps lead to the escalation of the situation. According to him, Armenia should be active in international organizations. It must be active in the propaganda war and must declare that Azerbaijan threatens the civilian aircrafts.

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