Seyran Ohanyan: Resumption of war not probable at this point

Alisa Gevorgyan

“The Armenian air defense system will ensure the security of the civilian aircrafts flying from Stepanakert,” Armenian Defense Minister Seyran Ohnayan told a press conference today, adding that “the threats of Azerbaijan contradict the international civil aviation norms.”

As for the possibility of resumption of military actions, the Minister said the threat is still there, but the analysis of the situation shows that the possibility of war is not probable at this point.

Summing up the results of 2012, Seyran Ohanya said great attention was paid to the combat readiness of the army and the raise of the defense capacity at the military positions. Programs were implemented to improve the security environment around the country. In particular, progress was registered in the relations with NATO, CSTO, a number of European structures.

According to Minister Ohanyan, 2012 was rich in border incidents; about twenty subversive acts were prevented over the year. The Minister said “the courage of our servicemen at the line of contact should be a contagious example for all.”

The struggle against corruption and vicious phenomena remains a priority for the Ministry of Defense, Seyran Ohanyan said.

The Defense Minister handed certificates and medals to a number of media representatives. Our colleague Karen Ghazaryan was awarded with Garegin Nzhdeh Medal of the Ministry of Defense.

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