Paruyr Hayrikyan does not exclude cooperation with anyone

Karen Ghazaryan

Presidential candidate Paruyr Hayrikyan says he does not exclude the cooperation with anyone, but this cooperation should focus only on his platform, as what he suggests is an ideal democratic program for all.

Hayrikyan added, however, that this does not mean unification around himself. “First, my program must be accepted, after which we’ll discuss who’s better prepared to implement it,” he said.

Paruyr Hayrikyan added that it would not be wise to urge all opposition candidates to unite. “The main presidential hopefuls were once included in one team and acted against my principle of the right of the Armenian people to self-determination. I mean Levon Ter-Petrosyan’s team,” he explained.

Leader of the National Self-Determination Union is the first to use the free airtime on Public Television. He said he will use all opportunities provided by the election campaign.

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