23 years after the Armenian massacres in Baku

Alisa Gevorgyan

January 13 marks the 23rd anniversary of the Armenian pogroms in Baku. Those guilty of the events of 1990 have not been punished up until today, the exact number of the victims is not known. What’s obvious is that the real figure exceeds the official numbers.

According to the data of the Armenian Migration Agency and the UN, about 418 thousand Armenians have migrated to Armenia from Azerbaijan; 300 thousand of them live in Armenia today and comprise more than 10% of the total population.

According to Grigory Ayvazyan, President of the Assembly of Azerbaijani Armenians, the Artsakh war was not just a struggle for independence and freedom, but also a struggle to decide  the issue of our future existence.

“Hadn’t Artsakh stood up to defend itself, it would share the fate of us – Azerbaijani Armenians,” Ayvazyan said.

According to him, the greatest achievement in the field of protection of the rights of Azerbaijani Armenians subjected to genocide and exile is that despite the stubborn efforts of Baku, we managed to revive the issue of Azerbaijani Armenians and put it on the agenda of the negotiations.

He believes that the issue of protection of rights of Azerbaijani Armenians and its internationalization is directly linked to the settlement of the Karabakh conflict; therefore, leaving the question in the shadow will considerably harm the whole process.

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