Expert urges to be wary of hacking attacks as elections are coming near

Hasmik Dilanyan

As presidential elections come closer, the security of websites should be strengthened. Hackers become particularly active in this period. Judging from the experience of the parliamentary elections, IT specialist Samvel Martirosyan urges the news websites to be cautions.

The expert says in some cases the hacking attacks include PR elements; very often specialists come to know about a particular website only after it is attacked by hackers.  DDOS attacks rapidly developed in 2012, he said.

“The infected computers generate a great quantity of false visits, no one hacks the website, but the latter becomes inaccessible. These types of attacks have gone rather cheap on the black market,” he said.

Samvel Martirosyan describes such attacks as barbarity. “Destroying someone else’s work is barbarity. I don’t think we should teach our young people to engage in this type of hooliganism to demonstrate their patriotism,” he said.

In general, it’s cheaper to attack than to defend from attacks. The question is about several hundred dollars. The government websites in Armenia are protected by the National Security Service, and the attacks on them have never succeeded.

As important developments are expected in the domestic political life, the expert advises to be wary, and the call refers not only to news agencies, but also the state bodies and the political bodies.

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