Performance art of the Tar has developed thanks to Armenians

Artak Barseghyan

Armenian gusans have been playing Tar for centuries. However, Azerbaijan once decided to ‘appropriate’ it on the international level and present it as their national instrument. Artistic director and conductor of the “Sharakan” ensemble Daniel Yerazhisht describes this campaign as another falsification of Baku.

According to him, the step should be severely criticized, as it has nothing to do with reality. The trends in Baku are troublesome, as the cultural field is also being mined, he added.

Daniel Yerazhisht said many Tar players in Azerbaijan were of Armenian descent, and this was widely spoken about in the Soviet times.

Artistic director and conductor of “Tkzar” ensemble Karlen Mirzoyan started playing Tar at an early age. According to him, the disputes over this musical instrument are not new. He added that the performance art of the Tar has developed thanks to Armenians.

Karlen Mirzoyan believes a film about the Armenian musical instruments, including the Tar, should be shot and presented to the international community. According to him, this will help prevent the dissemination of Azerbaijani lies in this field.

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