Armenia partakes in Vakantiebeurs’ 2013 tourism fair

Vakantiebeurs' 2013 tourism fairThe Armenian National Competitiveness Foundation participates in the Vakantiebeurs’ 2013 tourism fair in the Dutch city of Utrecht January 8-13. This year the exhibition features about 1,400 representatives of the sphere. The Armenian booth at this prestigious exhibition has raised unprecedented interest.

The Netherlands has become one of the main targets of  promoting the development of tourism in Armenia. A group of journalists from the leading Dutch BNN TV company visited Armenia and Artsakh in 2012 to shoot a film about the Armenian national and religious legacy, which was broadcast on the Channel 3 Travels TV.

Taking into consideration the increased flow of tourists form the Netherlands, the Ukrainian International Airways (UIA) will launch regular Yerevan-Amsterdam-Yerevan flights with a transit in Kiev this spring to serve the tourists.

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