Bomb threat to Glendale elementary was prank call

Lilit Sedrakyan

The first working day at RD White elementary school after the winter holidays was like a nightmare for the students, parents and teachers.  The fear was greater than the real danger.

A bomb threat called into R.D. White Elementary school Monday morning that prompted an evacuation of the entire campus was determined to be a prank call, police said.

Police will still attempt to identify the caller – a task that can be challenging given software that can help people mask their calls, Glendale Police Sgt. Tom Lorenz said. Still, he said, “we have been successful.”

Monday’s incident, Lorenz said, was a “rude awakening” for the students and staff on their first day back to school following their winter break.

Still, he added the school staff was “well-prepared” to react to the threat and that the incident proved to be a “good exercise.”

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