Armenia should join the Convention on the Law of the Sea, experts say

Anna Nazaryan

Armenia has more opportunities than it uses, expert of international issues Menua Soghomonyan says, urging to use the opportunities of see access provided by international conventions.

The expert said our neighbors Turkey and Georgia have joined the 1965 New York Convention on Transit Trade of Land-locked States and the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea. Although Armenia has not joined the conventions, it can reach an agreement with Georgia on the lease of seaports, Soghomonyan told a press conference today.

“If Armenia ratifies the conventions, it will be able to sail ships flying the Armenian flag. Under the documents, the coastal states should provide technical facilities to land-locked countries,” he added.

By joining the conventions, Armenia will not assume any commitments, Narek Galstya said, in turn, advising to raise the issue during a meeting with the Georgian Prime Minister.

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