ARF nominates no candidate for presidency

Lusine Vasilyan

The Armenian Revolutionary federation will not nominate a candidate at the presidential elections scheduled for February 18, 2013. It won’t support the candidate nominated by the authorities and will follow the developments and will not boycott the elections.

There are four reasons that have made the Armenian Revolutionary Federation refuse from participating in the elections, ARF representatives told a press conference today.

“The first reason is the nature of the elections. The political relations are in the shadow, and we have not managed to change this,” Secretary of the ARF faction Aghvan Vardanyan said.

The second reason is the failure to form a united opposition front and nominate a single candidate.

“Participation in the predetermined elections would mean being part of a ready-made scenario, while we have said on many occasions we do no play the game of others and are never guided by the scenario of others,” he said.

Finally, Dashnaktsutyun is confident that its’ not only elections that provide the parties with an opportunity to present their own approaches.

The decision not to nominate its own candidate does not mean ARF withdraws from the electoral processes. According to Armen Rustamyan, this will allow the AR to be more unbiased.

“Therefore, this does not mean our political activity is coming to an end. On the contrary, we’ll be trying to ensure that the electrical processes develop in the right direction,” he said.

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