National Youth Policy Council meet at RA Government

Chaired by Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan, the new membership of the National Youth Policy Council met in the Office of Government.

The meeting first summed up the activities carried out in 2009-2012, then discussed the second analytical part of the National Youth Report of Armenia, Government’s Press Office reports.

The Council went on to review the 2013-2017 youth policy strategy and action plan of the Republic of Armenia. The Prime Minister instructed to finalize the paper based on the proposals voiced at the meeting.

Concerning the “Affordable Housing for Young Families” State-supported program, Deputy Minister of Sport and Youth Affairs Arsen Karamyan advised that 987 loans had been made available under the program to a total value of AMD7.22bn. Of these loans, 491 went to Yerevan residents with 484 facilities made available in the provinces in line with the government’s harmonious regional development policy.

After looking at the programs implemented in 2012, the meeting discussed the impact of the Council-approved online grant system and endorsed the new expert staffing of the online system.

The council looked at the possibility of having regional youth policy staff in marz administrations to be responsible for youth policy issues, as well as the possibility of establishing a working group to deal with matters related to the proclamation of Armenia’s Youth Capital of Year.

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